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A New Dawn to Genetic Engineering

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A few weeks ago, I came across this documentary called “Human Nature” on Netflix. It was published in 2019, so I guess I am a bit outdated. It tells the story of a special protein known as CRISPR that cuts human DNA at special set of nucleotides. In short, biochemists discovered a way to manipulate human genome. With CRISPR, we can now edit perfect human beings.

From computational point of view, the possibilities are endless for better or worse. We can simulate a viral DNA that can target certain types of populations. We can put in genes in children that will make them super intelligent. Humans can edit their gene to intellectual supremacy.

Combined with quantum supremacy which is on its way, we may even get to see the days when we can defy death. Maybe I am too hopeful.

Let us see.

P.S. The discovery of CRISPR is not new. It was in fact found in 1987 (ref. wikipedia). I guess it is the application of CRISPR which makes it possible for targeted gene editing.

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